Conscious Pilot is an Instrumental Rock Fusion group that blends elements of rock, prog, jazz fusion, funk, neo-soul and many genres in-between. The four-piece has forged a trademark style that is distinctly unique. Virtuosic musicianship, dynamic soundscapes and catchy grooves are delivered with an infectious energy that demands attention. Conscious Pilot has performed at many festivals and venues around the country with notable headliners including Umphrey’s McGee, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, STS9, Taz Neiderauer, Ghost Note, Knower, Eric Krasno, TAUK, Big Something, Moon Hooch, Sungazer, Doug Wimbish (of Living Colour) and many more. With the February release of their latest studio single “Lenny Love,” and another studio single coming mid 2021, Conscious Pilot has steadily been gaining momentum going into a relocation from Columbus, Ohio to Denver, Colorado.